March 29, 2015


So I’m trying to get over a hangover. Lawd why must I be such a LUSH!!? Black Jesus, fix it!! Can somebody find me a hobby? I’ve realized, I booze out of boredom…I’m going to go get some ice cream to coat my stomach…yeah, that’ll solve my problem in life. So, Friday, I was BULLIED! Can […]

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Light that Ass on Fire…Keep Going, You’re Going to be GREAT!

March 23, 2015


Aloha Homies! Check me out, being all inconsistent and shit. SMH! I’ve been tryna write another blog since forever, forever-ever, and ever-ever…ha!! It’s a little difficult trying to manage getting drunk, half ass dieting, working 3 gigs and masturbating regularly. Being me is so EXHAUSTING! (This might be long, read it in two parts. Promise you’ll […]

The Wonderful World of Oz: Me So Horny

March 3, 2015



Ahhhhh….yes, I’m back to blogging regularly. I should really have better titles for SEO purposes (so my little blog can get discovered) but fuck it. It is what it is. I’m not really writing anything informative so whateves…no one cares. This is really just the diary of a (mad) dickless black woman…who can’t seem to […]

The Hunger Games: Speed Dating

February 24, 2015



Y’all… So I went to that Speed Dating event. I got all dolled up – got my make-up done at Nars and you couldn’t tell me that I wasn’t the prettiest person in the room. I know beauty is the eye of the beholder, but I was sho’ nuff the fairest in the land! Ha! […]

I’m Back! Update…

February 17, 2015


What’s up Jerks – *Ignore that last sappy post with those stupid lyrics…my ass was drunk and emotional…I gotta do better in 2015…smh… Ahhh I’ve been gone a bit, tryna get adjusted to my new schedule. Lawd! So my boss didn’t tell me that I would be Project Managing ALL of the web releases that […]

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I Miss You

February 12, 2015


Drankin’ , Thinkin’ , Post making… You know I’m not really into Beyonce…or most pop artists for the most part…but this entitled broad had one song I can relate to! (A song that she didn’t write – as usual) Frank Ocean wrote this ALBUM, which Beyonce claimed were her innermost thoughts… #4 I thought that […]

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Angry Birds: Things that have been pissing me off lately

December 9, 2014



Hola  Amigos!!! So, being as though I’ve been dickless in Seattle this cuffing season, I’ve been a pretty angry bird. It’s pretty much been me, my wine and my bad attitude posting disrespectful ass statuses on Facebook…one my FB buddies told me I need some dick in my life. They’re prolly right…I don’t necessarily need […]


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