Coochie Chronicles…

August 20, 2014



For some reason, this past weekend, I have seen WAY too much of other people’s coochies…like, being literally, thrown in my face… I figured I’d just write a blog about it…This blog is pretty long, so I wrote it in two parts. Feel free to scroll on or jump to another story! KARAOKE COOCHIE So […]

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MY Top 10 Single Girl Problems…

August 14, 2014



These are MY issues with being a single girl…whether or not you relate…oh well. This is what my single, fabulous, black ass has been dealing with… 1. Everyone wants to have sex with you…everyone except the person you actually want to be with (wherever the hell he might be). SMFH! For some reason, people in […]

The Universal Hot Crazy Matrix: What Zone are you?

August 12, 2014



I hope you can view this video. It is HILARIOUS!! This is probably, pretty much how men see us. Very simple approach right? Except those assholes forget that they MAKE us go into the different “zones” because of the way that they treat us! Per this matrix, I am automatically in the Danger Zone by default (1:58 […]

Sexy Randomness

August 5, 2014



So…being as though I’m lover-less…my idle mind has been in overdrive…here are a couple of hornball thoughts I’ve been pondering for a bit… You ever have someone suck your nipple so hard you thought that shit was a chew toy? Like, you know there’s not milk in there right?…and they think they’re doing something…WTF?!!!! When […]

My L.A. Trip…

August 4, 2014



  I haven’t been posting for a while because I’ve been preparing for my trip to LA for Vivica Fox’s bday!!! It was a fab event and I’m bizzack!!! FYI she is probably, hands down, one of THE nicest and down to earth celebs of all time! Just wanted to throw that in there. The […]

You Mad? Hatin’ Miserable Ass People…

July 22, 2014



**UPDATE** The editor of said blog mentioned in my post below recently messaged me claiming that she is NOT the poster “Mod” and that she actually enjoys my re-cap. If so, you can obviously see the desperation of “Mod” who was the poster that claimed to know my real address and posted it for all […]

Dear Diary

July 21, 2014


dear diary

I feel like I should write a blog post today but I don’t really know what to write about…just feel like I should be writing something so that people keep reading it… So I’m listening to Neo-soul playlist right now while doing some research for work and writing this blog entry (I’m such a multi-tasker!). For some […]


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